Motivation & Wisdom

Taking the first of many steps

Is it just me or do all the days just blur together? I mean seriously how is it already September?

stairs quote

Last week I submitted my request for the NY state tax certificate, which will allow me to retail items. The request got approved just now have to wait for it to be mailed to me. The approval means that I can now get a few items to start hosting pop-ups. I’ll be honest with you — I’m just a tad bit nervous about coordinating pop-ups for there are so many components involved in them.

Today’s motivational quote is one I reflect upon when I question my goals and actions. Something about Martin Luther King’s words remind me that everything is going to be okay and that I just need to keep moving forward. I don’t have a full picture of what I need to make pop-ups successful. But I do know some of the first steps and I have faith I will complete them.

Do you have some critical steps to take this week?


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