Food Waste

Food Waste Spotlight: Reveal

Today’s Food Waste Friday is a spotlight on Reveal (Instagram)  whom I learnt about while reviewing posts with #foodwastewarriors. The following are the responses to my food waste questions.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: Through Reveal – we are changing the way we look at the world’s resources. Our mission is to create beautiful, environmentally safe, and socially responsible upcycled products by discovering the hidden value in the food people would normally call trash. Our hope is  to reduce food waste, continue to create and support sustainable systems for sustainable living, and inspire everyone to discover the hidden gems in the world around us.

HOW it happened

One day while making a bowl of guacamole in the kitchen we realized we were left with more seeds and skin than pulp. We had a lovely snack but we created so much “waste” in the process. That was the day we decided these gems were no longer trash.  Reveal is our first line of beverages made from upcycled products and we are happy to reveal our first drink is a special brew made from the avocado seed!

WHY we do it

Our team is focused on utilizing our resources to the best of our ability to truly promote an upcycling system and emphasize the RE-USE, in the 3 R’s of sustainability (reduce reuse recycle). We want to capture every drop of value before we declare something is no longer useful. Everyone can be a part of this movement because all it takes is one question, What else?  We want people to know they have the power to effect change. Every daily choice we make compounds, meaning no good deed is too small. Sometimes the answer to “what else” isn’t simple, but that’s okay. Discovery by nature is unexpected and hidden, so  be curious and get comfortable with thinking differently!

Q: What are your thoughts on our current food waste situation?

A:  Food waste is the term used when food that is safe and nutritious for human consumption either gets discarded or used in a non-food way. Food waste is generated when produce does not meet supermarket aesthetic standards (for size, shape, color, imperfections, etc),  left-over food that is discarded or left unused in homes or restaurants, foods that are past the use-by date but are still perfectly safe and healthy, or parts of foods such as peels, seeds and cores that are thrown away.

As a society, we need to develop methods to recover and upscale food waste that would help improve food systems, efficiently use resources, and improve environmental, social and financial impacts of food waste.

Q:  What role do you believe your company can play in reducing people’s food waste?

A: Though food waste is  biodegradable, nearly one-third of landfill trash consists of biodegradable material trapped between layers of plastic and inorganic matter. Food if degraded under optimum conditions will break down into nutrients that will help regenerate the soil. However, in a landfill complete breakdown of food materials is not achieved owing to contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases soil and groundwater pollution. Preventing food waste can help prevent the emission of approximately 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases, 1.6 trillion gallons of water, and 1.8 billion meals.

Q: What do you suggest is the easiest action a person can make when i comes to reducing their food waste?

A:  Reducing food waste at the home level is mostly about planning and managing the flow of food into and out of your kitchen.

1. Plan your meals. Think about what ingredients you need and only buy what you need
2. When planning your meals – plan your second hand recipes – what you’ll do with the leftovers or scraps
3. Inventory check your fridge before you go grocery shopping
4. Stick to your grocery list

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