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Winnie The Pooh’s Wisdom on Rivers

August is my birth month so I’ve decided to share motivational quotes from my favorite bear – Winnie The Pooh. Just so you know I’ve been a Winnie the Pooh fan since a little girl (my nursery was decorated in Pooh), and I have several Pooh focused items in my possession.

Winnie Pooh Rivers Quote

The concept of ‘patience’ is quite tricky to maintain in this microwave mentality society. I am typically a “go with the flow” kind of person except when it comes to certain things. Trust me it can be difficult to wait for things you desire to happen – but rushing it sometimes prevent you from really experiencing the process.

One thing that helps in my ability to wait is to be realistic on timing. I remember when I was searching for a place for us to live in the Bronx. The girls stayed in Kentucky and I stayed on campus while searching for an apartment. I can honestly say I wasn’t realistic about finding a place, for I thought it would take like a week or two. WRONG – it took 2.5+ months of constant phone calls, tons of online apartment searches, and several apartment viewings until I was blessed to meet our landlord. The reality of us being together didn’t really happen until midway through searches and it was frustrating….BUT it paid off because it helped ease the separation pain we were all experiencing. (Side Note: I am always grateful for my family/friends taking care of Big/Little and for continually giving me positive words)

How are you with patience?

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