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Father’s Day Reflection

This year is the first that I spiritually celebrate my grandfather – James T. Vandiver. Nimmy (what I called him) aided in my passion for Mother Earth and formed my definition of work ethic. I miss and will always cherish our random discussions about growing a particular crop or the state of our nation’s government.

My dad, Marvin L. Miller, has been one of my rocks since I was born. Me, my sister, my niece, and my daughters are ALL daddy’s girls because of him. Even though he gives us gifts, it is my father’s unconditional love that makes us that way. My passion for STEM, love for breakfast, and spiritual faith are all because of my dad.

If you didn’t know I’m a single mother – by choice. Big and Little don’t have the societal norm father-daughter relationship with their respected dads. They interact with their fathers, but I basically serve both roles in our household. I was fortunate to have male figures, like my dad and grandfather, to assist with the responsibilities that the girls’ fathers couldn’t do – attend those dad-themed school events (uggh not a fan of those), pass on ancestral knowledge and skills, and provide that supportive note/hug.

May my grandfather, my dad, and other male figures in our lives have a blessed father’s day.

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