Sick & Tired

  • being sick and tired
  • white supremacy
  • worrying if me or a family member will be the next
  • innocent people dying at the hands of someone abusing their power
  • police and civilians getting a smack on their hand for killing  someone
  • lack of real consequences when an officer performs unneeded assault
  • being a target
  • influential folks staying quite
  • history repeating itself day after day
  • systemic racism and injustices

These are just a few of what has been engulfing my thoughts after partially watching the murder of George Floyd.  Thoughts that haven’t stopped since I was old enough to understand and watch far to many killings and assaults on African-Americans (Blacks).  These thoughts aren’t just my own – thousands of people are sick and tired.  And for the past couple of days have been showing that enough is enough.


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