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Local Food Scrap and Compost Options

Last Saturday I attended a workshop discussing how NYC sanitation recycles food scraps. The panelists focused on the perspective of public collection which is quite different from private organizations.

I realized my own knowledge gaps and misconceptions when it came to how our city handles compost and/or food scraps. Which then made me wonder how many folks truly know their options when it comes to their communities public food scrap and/or compost capabilities? Especially for folks wanting to start performing this awesome food waste reduction method.

Here are some suggested concepts to know:

♻️Where are your local food scrap/compost drop-off sites?

♻️ What items can and can’t go in their collection bins?

♻️ Who gets the fully composted matter? (Does the city use it for local parks or can you get some for own use)

♻️ What process does the site utilize to form the compost?

What other questions should one consider?

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