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Eco-friendly purchase costs

Do you remember when you made one of your first eco-friendly items?  Being an advocate of using what you got until it runs out, my initial purchases were low-cost items (such as straws or soap).  I then transitioned to common bulk cooking items which aligned with my normal budgeted costs for food.  Finally, I came to the need for mid to high-costs items like our safety razor or snack tins.

I try my best to adhere to a budget so I will research the costs of most new item purchases.  I will establish a mini-savings allotment for items that are more than what I can afford.  For example, I’ve been saving up for a hemp or organic cotton shower curtain (gesh why do those things cost so much).  Gratefully, I was gifted a few high-cost eco-friendly items like my Guppy Friend washing bag (a wish list item) and my menstrual cup (an essential item).

Today’s post is actually inspired by one of those essential eco-friendly items – my menstrual cup.  Most menstrual cups can cost on average $30 – $40 (based on a quick review of some products) and should last at least 5 years (based on a quick review of some products).  Besides reducing landfill waste, the cup will also reduce ones annual menstrual cycle products.  I know it seems like a logical swap to make, but the initial costs can be a barrier for some. Especially when it is a product you’ve never even tried before.

Many people want to utilize eco-friendly products, but financially aren’t able to. There is definitely more work that needs to occur so that all have access to products that are beneficial for the planet and themselves. But for now I truly appreciate companies donating products to workshops/events, and individuals utilizing their own funds to provide products.

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