Parental Environmental Wisdom

Today’s motivational quote is about parenting. I thought it would appropriate since I am participating in #greenparentsweek on Instagram.

Even though I am fairly new to #greenparenting, I have always strived to be a good model for my children. Just like my parents my actions speaks volumes. My mother constantly showed me how to be independent and to fight for what you desire, while my dad displayed saving money and remaining humble. I only hope that Big and Little observe my appreciation for our planet and the actions I take to protect it.

As a parent of older children, I focus on involving them in our journey to become #plasticfree and #zerowaste. I give them summaries of the environmental resources I review, they sometimes assist with some of the projects I have taken on, and we have family discussions on current environmental concerns (when it allows). In my mind, these little actions will leave a mark and trickle into them making a difference in future years.

#parentingquotes #greenparenting #rearingfutureleaders

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