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What a week on my rollercoaster ride named Quals

This has been a crazy week and I literally felt like this week was a roller coaster ride named Quals. The week started off as a decent climb but then Tuesday started the downhill motion.

  • Tuesday I had to go do my data collection for my study (which will turn into my dissertation collection).  Ran out to the car and started it up so would be warm when the girls got in.  When we came back out to get in the car the doors were locked with keys inside AND I had just shut a locked house door… thankfully my neighbor helped me out and gratefully one of the back windows doesn’t have a great seal.  After collecting and getting the girls from their things we ate out… I had a terrible headache that started right before so came home to taking an aspirin and sleeping till the next morning. (NOT GOOD)
  • Wednesday  was my mission to do some data analysis and wrap up my writings for something else I am doing in April.  I woke up with the same headache and yucks on my eyes — I had a sinus headache.  The data analysis went well but the results were not so appealing — I mean who wants to do a study and not get what you expected.  BUT it is beneficial and helps complete one of my questions but will have to add some more analysis to make it shine (have to stew over my options).  Came home after my evening class and got the girls to bed.. started wrapping up my other writing and swish a bat flies by my head.. FREAKING a bat in my house!
  • Thursday morning — the bat saga continues from Wednesday night and at another time I will write what all happened but me and my oldest did not go to bed till 4AM and woke right back up at 6:30AM to get ready.  I was freaked out all day over the stinking bat and hoping that my landlord was correct in saying it was gone.  I focused on finalizing my writing and looking over more of the data findings.  By the time I got home I was drained from my two hour sleep  and went to bed..
  • Friday — finished my writing piece and sent it along it’s merry way.  The great thing about that writing piece is I can utilize some of it for my quals  so it was beneficial.

It is now Saturday and I have tons of stuff to do for my quals as well preparing the house and children.  See I have a conference to attend/present in Pittsburgh part of next week.  The pro of this conference is I won’t have my kiddos and I can just hide to write when not attending sessions AND some of the sessions are beneficial to one of my quals questions — YEAH.

I can honestly say that this has been an adventurous quals so far — I have had my moments of wanting to throw in the towel and be done with the whole doctoral degree.  Then I have had other moments where I’m loving it and thinking of other research projects along my framework and constructs.  My children are definitely not liking my exams for I’m not the best person to be around and I do not just hang like we normally do (I guess I do a pretty good job of keeping my school separated from my home).  I will leave you will this inspirational image I saw the other day — it is what kept me going this week after all the downhill spirals on my Quals roller coaster.



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