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Fab Five Friday

Yeah it is Friday! Not much has been going on these past couple of days except dealing with the car — they have decided to total it BUMMER! But I’m going to keep it and drive until I can find a different one.

Before I write about my fab five for the week, I would like for you to provide your input on my birthday poll:

Now my Fab Five:

Fab Five Friday July 12, 2013

1 – Tree with a Face – me and my oldest were driving the other day and at a stop she noticed this face.  She was like “MOM look the tree is alive”… cute huh.

2 – Food Stamped Documentary – Our libraries allow you to check-out a variety of movies. So while looking through the selection I came across this documentary.  What a great piece that gives real insight on food stamps and their limitation to eat nutritional food.  You can even partake in the same food stamp challenge the they performed, read about the documentary and the creators here.

3 – Water Drain Mural – Finally had an opportunity to take a picture of another water drain mural.. I have to admit it is fun seeing them around town! This one is at Maxwell Avenue and Euclid right before it turns to Tates Creek Road.

4 – Shadow Puppet show – Our local library had a showing of a spin-off of Rapunzel using shadow puppets.  I have to say I’ve never seen shadow puppets like these before and it was interesting for the girls.

5 – Lexington Blue Horse – While doing an errand downtown, I made a pit stop in the visitor center where I learnt about the Big Lex Scavenger Hunt and blue horse.  I’m from Kentucky and have never heard of the blue horse – really interesting and me and girls will definitely do the scavenger hunt before summer ends.  Check it out

Did you come across some fab findings this week?


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