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Monday Motivation – Begins from the inside


As you know I completed my first half marathon in April and I’m training for my second one in November… Well these past few weeks I’ve been focused on decreasing my pace by doing these Speed Workouts by Jenny Hadfield – and it has been helping and my pace has decreased 🙂  Today while I was finishing I was like see what happens when you hold yourself accountable.. I have a mission for this next half and I have things mapped out so that I’m ready for November.  So I thought what type of motivational quotes associate with accountability and this is what I got:


POWERFUL words — yes the half marathon is based on my ability to maintain endurance and physically ready BUT the key to completion is my determination and perseverance.  For the first one I had doubt and joked with my friend about the wagon coming to get me BUT when I saw the 11 mile marker I was revived to complete my mission.  It also helped that I was being held accountable by both myself and my best friend — I would feel bad if I didn’t finish.  That desire to not let “yourself” down and holding a feeling of regret.

Even though the words immediately spoke to me from the perspective of training for my second half.. this is applicable to ALL facets of my life such as my degree and role as a mother.

What are your thoughts on this quote?


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