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What’s Cooking and Market Goodies

We have had nonstop rain here in Lexington which is odd for the summer, but I still managed to make it to the Farmer’s Market 🙂 It was as if the sun popped out just as we were heading downtown.

Farmer’s Market Goodies July 5, 2013
  1. Eggs from Triple J Farm $4
  2. Eggplant from Silas Farms(? I think?) $1.40
  3. White Carrots from Elmwood Farms $3
  4. Butterhead lettuce from Vibrant Greens $2.50
  5. Zucchini variety, Purple Beans, Kermit eggplant, purple/green pepper from Stonehedge Farm Produce $4ish
  6. Red potatoes $3

My plan is to make crock pot ratatouille (I’ve made it before BUT never posted) this week to serve with some orzo I have in the cupboard — so my mission was veggies to compliment it.  I can say things work out better when I semi have a plan on what I want to make AS well I’m really trying to not spend more than $20 at the market each week UNLESS if I have to.

We only had two new recipes this week since it was July 4th.

Beans and Cheese Empanadas

I’ve been wanting to make my own empanada for a minute and I finally did.  Naturally this was guided by a recipe by Harmonious Homestead except I didn’t put garlic in the dough and my filling was different. NOW I was worried how it would turn out for my dough was sticky BUT the girls liked them.  When I make them again I will make try to figure out the dough issue.. maybe I didn’t let it sit long enough — I’m definitely not the baker but getting better at it.

Pink Lemonade with Watermelon

I tried this Pink Lemonade recipe I saw in All You — it used watermelon to give it flavor. I personally did not like it BUT the girls did. I didn’t boil enough water for I was thinking about halving it but didn’t for the watermelon. I will retry it since the girls liked it so at that point I will post the recipe (have to make sure it turns out right).

What’s cooking in your home?


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