Apple Suprise Rolls

Last week I tried a few recipes but with the girls starting school I didn’t get to post them… SO I’m going to post items through the week…

For the first day of school for my youngest I made Surprise Apple Rolls which I got from that lovely Better Homes and Gardens Kids Favorites Made Healthy book.. I didn’t do exactly like the recipe for I put cranberries and apples on the inside.  I will say that the next time I make these I will do it on a weekend since it takes time.  In addition, you will get a decent batch which I froze some and we had them as quick meals prior to church.

Apple Surprise Rolls


Hot Rolls mix (I got the Pilsbury version), 2-3 apples cut up into small pieces, dried fruit( whatever you desire), brown sugar, cinnamon, ingredients needed for the mix, optional butter

1.  Prepare the Hot Rolls mix accordingly – mixing your dry/wet ingredients, knead the dough, and let it rise

2.  Once the rising time has passed you want to section the dough into balls.  Now I didn’t make little ones – rather have true amount my girls will eat in one roll.  You want to form and flatten that ball on your baking sheet.  Spoon your fruit filling in the center of the ball.

20120813-154914.jpg 3.  Once you have filled each one you want to pinch up the sides and smooth out to where you have a fully formed roll.  You will then let them sit covered in order to rise again for about 30 minutes.

4.  Bake the rolls for about 20 minutes or until golden brown at 375 degrees.  Close to them being ready I brushed some butter on them to enhance the golden appearance.  When I make these again I might brush melted butter on them prior to putting in the oven.



I had extra filling leftover so I placed to the side of the roll so the girls could eat more if desired.  I will say that filling smelt so good and could be used within oatmeal on your cold mornings.


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