Random Thoughts

Change of plans…

During my reflective “quite” time, I realized that not only could the blog serve as a way to document my new journey BUT serve as encouragement and information for others in similar situations – especially single parents!

So I’m going to make this blog more organized…have the posts document my journey but have a theme component to them.  Right now my idea is to make the posts go in this flow:

  • Strategy or Spotlight Sundays
  • Motivational Mondays
  • Tip or Thrifty Tuesdays
  • Words of Wisdom Wednesdays
  • Tip or Thrifty Thursdays
  • Family Fun Fridays
  • Market Goodies Saturdays (still figuring a phrase for this)

Hopefully these change of plans won’t only allow me to focus but in some wacky way help others.

More Rambling Later…

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