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Market Goodies for August 11th

It’s Saturday which means farmers market time! I’m going to make this a weekly post for Saturdays(while the markets are open). Today I had a mission on what I needed for I had already planned out our meals for the week (upcoming post).


  1. half-dozen eggs & variety of cherry tomatoes from Triple J Farm – $5.50
  2. peaches from a Franklin county farmer – $4
  3. single cucumber – $.35
  4. green beans – $2.50
  5. bone-in chicken breasts from Elmwood Farm -$12.50
  6. green grapes – $4
  7. TOTAL – $28.85

Now I totally spent more than planned especially with the pricey grapes..which meant no fresh flowers this week (total sad face) but man they looked SO GOOD and I already sneaked one and it was yummy.  Notice the fruits rule for the trip since we really LOVE fruits in this family and I still have to pick up some more when we go to the grocery store later this afternoon.  I can say that at least I didn’t go overboard for I wanted to pick up some of the sweet peppers/mini eggplants I saw while walking around but it doesn’t fall within the meals we planned this week.  Additionally the chicken lasts for more than one meal (at least I hope) since the girls are the only one that eat it…

20120811-114454.jpgBesides supporting local farmers and getting healthier versions of food, I love seeing entertainment at the market.  Today we had the pleasure of seeing some musicians, singers, and a juggler.  My oldest typically  gives a small token to the one she likes the best – she already has the giving spirit.

Throughout the week I have some recipes that will incorporate my market finds and I can’t wait to post about them.  But until then how about you let me know about your market goodies or trips to the market in the comments (preferably links).

More rambling later…

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