Registration for Fall Complete

So just finished registering for my fall courses… It took me a minute to figure out my third course but it is done:

Curriculum and Instruction in STEM Education (Monday  night)

Effective Use of Technology (Tuesday night)

Research Design and Analysis in Education (Monday/Wednesday morning)

The program I’m in is mainly evening courses which brought some difficulty in my planning the class.  I have to take statistic/math related courses so want to interweave those in each semester, and my options conflicted with my required courses.  As well had to select one that met the requirements of future courses for my program.

Looks like I’ll be living on campus Monday – Thursday so I can take classes, study, and work.  Gratefully, I received a research assistantship so can span my twenty hours over those days.

So now just wait for the first day of class which is August 22nd so in one month!

More rambling later….

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