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Family Fun Event Review: Artful Sundays – Magical Jewels

How can I suggest for families to attend an event if I don't attend them myself?? So I will try to review events/places that I know occur consistently.  We had the pleasure of attending the University of Kentucky Museum Artful Sundays this past weekend and for the most part was a success! The first component… Continue reading Family Fun Event Review: Artful Sundays – Magical Jewels


Let the Kids be Involved

When it comes to decorating I've let my girls help as much as their able since it's our home. With me focused on their room right now they are really involved with my oldest being very vocal! She demanded we keep her once red clock but was okay with making color modifications. I let her… Continue reading Let the Kids be Involved

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Thrifty Cooking and Crafting

As you read in a past post, I'm decorating since this is our "home" for the next couple of years.  I wrapped up the bathroom and then saw a quote about butterflies that I wanted to put in the bathroom BUT wasn't trying to spend a lot of money.  After doing some research I saw… Continue reading Thrifty Cooking and Crafting

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Thrifty Decor – Bathroom

With a new place comes making the place represent you by decorating. I never really took time and decorated our old place for in my heart I wasn't planning on being there for long and didnt want to make the investment. My program is at least 3 years so want to make our home speak… Continue reading Thrifty Decor – Bathroom