What’s Cooking: Pasta as Pizza

So today was a recovery day from our early morning practice routines and yesterday's mini-trip.  (Note - with school starting for the girls next week I've had them getting in the mode of waking up and getting ready as if going to school)  We just hung around the house and watched the Olympics and our… Continue reading What’s Cooking: Pasta as Pizza

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What’s Cooking: Twist on Chicken

Tried a new recipe today with chicken being the main component.  As you know I don't eat it BUT my girls do so I try to make them one meal a week with it in there.  I got the idea from the book Eat Cheap but Eat Well  by Charles Mattocks (aka The Poor Chef).  The… Continue reading What’s Cooking: Twist on Chicken


Eggs in the what…

I've heard of this meal but haven't really tried it. So as I figure out thrifty yet healthy meals for breakfast, I thought I'd give this a try. The name is so cute - Eggs in a Basket or others call it Eggs in a Hole...BUT my oldest was like Eggs in a What...she came… Continue reading Eggs in the what…