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Fab Five Colombian Street Art

It is hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since I was exploring and relaxing in Colombia.  Just about everyday I am reminded of the experience and reflect on how I can't wait to return.  It does not help that my good friend from Colombia is still in Bogota and communicates with… Continue reading Fab Five Colombian Street Art

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Five Things I Can’t Wait to Experience in Colombia

In a matter of 7 days, I will be going on my 40th birthday trip to Colombia!!!  Last July I made a list of 40 items I had to complete before I turned 40, and one of those items was to visit at least two different countries.  I have a passion for traveling that has been… Continue reading Five Things I Can’t Wait to Experience in Colombia

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Fab Five Friday – Street Art

As I was driving the other day I noticed an interesting image on a building and knew that I wanted to highlight some of the street art pieces I've seen over the year. It would not do the images justice to be in a small collage image so I'm showing them individually with information about… Continue reading Fab Five Friday – Street Art