One negative about an absentee father

When I became a "single-mother" I knew that at some point I would have to explain the situation and aspects related to it.  I knew that questions would come from strangers, family/friends, and definitely my children. Naturally questions like..... Why are you single? How did you become a single mother? (Are you divorced) Mom, was… Continue reading One negative about an absentee father

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Moment of Truth – Let the Juggling Begin

My "semi-summer" break officially comes to an end tomorrow since I start classes with my fellowship work.  This means my weird juggling skills will have to go into full-effect.  If you remember my rant last week - in no way is my life easy and I definitely lack my ability to do certain things BUT… Continue reading Moment of Truth – Let the Juggling Begin

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Monday Motivation – Being an Example

Today the girls got to go to our local skate/game center for FREE -- it was one of the rewards for completing the Lexington summer reading program.  Little K started out with the beginning skates (where you can wear shoes) and was basically okay on her own -- it was adorable watching her trying dance… Continue reading Monday Motivation – Being an Example