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Choosing Planet Over Plastic

Today’s Plastic Free July motivational image was posted on Cove’s Instagram. Cove is focused on designing a water bottle not made of plastic - specifically made of polyhydroxyalkanoate(PHA). We all know how tricky it is to avoid plastics. In my opinion, this graphic is a subtle reminder that when you can put the planet first.… Continue reading Choosing Planet Over Plastic

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Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

July is a popular month within the sustainable living realm for its the world known Plastic Free July challenge month, which is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary. Last week I attended an online presentation hosted by Plastic Pollution Coalition that included the founder of Plastic Free July, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. She discussed how there are still… Continue reading Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

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Capacity to Change the World

Now more than ever I want to have inspiring words to remind me that I will reach my goal of opening an educational/refill location. So today's motivational words came to mind as I thought about making a difference in our world. Quick google search led me to this wonderful image and inspiring words by Harriet… Continue reading Capacity to Change the World