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Fab Five

I am bringing back the Fab FivesūüėŹ ¬† I will try to post my five favorite items for the week on Fridays - some will be¬†themed while others random. ¬†I so meant to post this yesterday but by the time I got home and situated I fell asleep and no waking up till morning. So… Continue reading Fab Five


6 Months in NYC

Can you believe it I have been in New York for 6¬†months? It does not seem that long ago that I made my announcement that I would be moving to NY to start my next life chapter. ¬†That me and the girls would be leaving what we know in KY to explore and grow into… Continue reading 6 Months in NYC


We Are Moving To …

As you read in yesterday's post, I have been blessed with an awesome job opportunity. ¬†With the new job comes us moving to a new city: City is part of a state that's, It is known as the "Melting Pot" city, Houses one of the largest urban parks in the world, Has some famous skyscrapers,… Continue reading We Are Moving To …