Motivation & Wisdom

Taking the first of many steps

Is it just me or do all the days just blur together? I mean seriously how is it already September? Last week I submitted my request for the NY state tax certificate, which will allow me to retail items. The request got approved just now have to wait for it to be mailed to me.… Continue reading Taking the first of many steps

Motivation & Wisdom

Part of the solution

It is hard to believe we've completed half of Plastic Free July.  The focus of my Week 3 Instagram Bingo challenge is Community.  Specifically the bingo tasks focus on encouraging people to make plastic-free actions within their community. I felt that our Motivation Monday quote should encourage folks to take action so after some research… Continue reading Part of the solution

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Capacity to Change the World

Now more than ever I want to have inspiring words to remind me that I will reach my goal of opening an educational/refill location. So today's motivational words came to mind as I thought about making a difference in our world. Quick google search led me to this wonderful image and inspiring words by Harriet… Continue reading Capacity to Change the World