Food Waste

Reframe Perspective on Waste

April is dedicated to food waste so this week's focus will be on reducing one's waste at home. I recently came across the book A Pocket Guid to Sustainable Food Shopping by Kate Bratskeir. The book's chapter on cutting back on waste provided this week's motivational quote. I personally love the opportunities when I see… Continue reading Reframe Perspective on Waste

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Focus on Today

Well well it is the last day of August which means the end of my birth month and last Winnie The Pooh motivational quote. Kinda fitting given our society’s current situation - pandemic+racism at a high+various environmental concerns. Now more than ever I believe in taking everything one day at a time. I am still… Continue reading Focus on Today

Motivation & Wisdom

Winnie The Pooh’s Wisdom on Rivers

August is my birth month so I've decided to share motivational quotes from my favorite bear - Winnie The Pooh. Just so you know I've been a Winnie the Pooh fan since a little girl (my nursery was decorated in Pooh), and I have several Pooh focused items in my possession. The concept of 'patience'… Continue reading Winnie The Pooh’s Wisdom on Rivers

Motivation & Wisdom

Winona LaDuke: Society based on Honoring The Earth

March is Women's History Month so Monday Motivation posts will be inspiring quotes by women environmentalists. Today's quote is by Winona LaDuke. I can only hope that our society transforms to be more earth-focused.

Motivation & Wisdom

You Are Charge of Your Change

Monday Motivation comes from Carol Burnett. Very wise words that basically state an individual is responsible for how their life goes. Many times people will complain about their life but won't take the steps needed to achieve their desires. We can't be an observer BUT we are the ones that take the steps. So if… Continue reading You Are Charge of Your Change

Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation – Effective Way To Do It

In honor of Women's History month I will try to post quotes by women. Today's motivation comes from Amelia Earhart. The words that immediately came to mind were "Don't talk about it...Be about it". Have you ever had an idea that you never acted upon...then time passes and you see someone carried out your idea… Continue reading Monday Motivation – Effective Way To Do It

Motivation & Wisdom

Make The Most Of The Dash

Last week was quite busy with work, sick child, and daily tasks which prevented me from posting.  I would say it would never happen again but that would be a fib.  I honestly realize that there is only 24 hours in one day AND there is only one of me 😏  I came across today's… Continue reading Make The Most Of The Dash