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Gratitude Brings Peace

Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving week?  I can't believe that time is flying by so quickly... I have been in New York for 2.5months -- WOW.  I have so much to update related to the relocation...I have had every intention to blog but then I don't... what can I say my routine has… Continue reading Gratitude Brings Peace

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Gratitude Transforms Your Day

Everyday I try to think of what I'm grateful reminds me of how blessed I truly am.  Well for the month of November I am going to express my gratitudes publicly -- my Facebook status, a tweet, and now on my blog.  Besides my daily gratitude thoughts I want to share gratitude image quotes.… Continue reading Gratitude Transforms Your Day

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Wednesday Wisdom: Gratitude

With me having classes till 5:30 on Monday/Wednesday, I have looked into prepping our meals for those nights. I prepped a quick "brinner" for tonight but thankfully did not have to eat it tonight. When I went to pick the girls up from my parents tonight, my second mother had already fixed dinner! Needless to… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom: Gratitude