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Food Waste Prevention- Bread

Time for a new food waste prevention series (focus is to provide suggestions on how to prevent food waste on a particular food item). The topic for today is bread which is on of the most easily tossed/wasted food items. My household rarely has leftover food because I only buy what I need from our… Continue reading Food Waste Prevention- Bread

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Food Waste Like A Dropped Bag

October’s motivational quotes will focus on encouraging you to reduce food waste. Today’s quote is by Dana Gunners and was retrieved from International Management Institute website. What are your thoughts on this quote?

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Scraps To Houseplants

We are aware of regrowing certain vegetables like carrot tops or scallions. But did you know that some scraps can grow into houseplants? I am currently trying my hand at a pineapple top and sweet potato vine. I decided to start the pineapple in water and it’s getting some roots. Coincidentally, the sweet potato had… Continue reading Scraps To Houseplants

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Reusing Food Scraps

Gaining a deeper understanding about food waste has enhanced my desire to cook and create non-processed food items. It has also reminded me how much industrialization encouraged our ancestors and society to leave traditional practices. Such as utilizing certain non-eaten produce or animal parts for the base of commonly used cooking or cleaning products. One… Continue reading Reusing Food Scraps