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Reusing Food Scraps

Gaining a deeper understanding about food waste has enhanced my desire to cook and create non-processed food items. It has also reminded me how much industrialization encouraged our ancestors and society to leave traditional practices. Such as utilizing certain non-eaten produce or animal parts for the base of commonly used cooking or cleaning products. One… Continue reading Reusing Food Scraps

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Local Food Scrap and Compost Options

Last Saturday I attended a workshop discussing how NYC sanitation recycles food scraps. The panelists focused on the perspective of public collection which is quite different from private organizations. I realized my own knowledge gaps and misconceptions when it came to how our city handles compost and/or food scraps. Which then made me wonder how… Continue reading Local Food Scrap and Compost Options

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Food Scrap Drop-offs are not

The above image was taken last Saturday when I was dropping off my weekly food scraps. You will notice there are non-eaten fruit (with stickers on) that are in perfectly good condition. I got really frustrated when I saw that people tossed what seemed perfectly good fruit. My mind started churning of how someone would… Continue reading Food Scrap Drop-offs are not