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Role of Access in Sustainable Living

I really haven't been able to make any refill option (aka bulk shopping) purchases since COVID-19 impacted us in March. Most refill stores either closed or made drastic changes in response to COVID. BUT that isn't the reason why I haven't been able to get refills for most of my pantry needs - store access… Continue reading Role of Access in Sustainable Living

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Let’s Talk Food Apartheid

"areas where residents’ access to affordable, healthy food options (especially fresh fruits and vegetables) is restricted or nonexistent due to the absence of grocery stores within convenient travelling distance."Food Empowerment Project Food Desert page Note: more images about this are on my Instagram post I didn't truly understand and recognize food apartheid (aka food desert)… Continue reading Let’s Talk Food Apartheid

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Reflection on Racism and the Black Farmer

My pre-highschool summers were spent in the southeastern part of Kentucky. While some of my peers got to sleep the morning away, I was awaken just after daylight touched the Kentucky bluegrass to the sound of my grandparents preparing for our task-filled day. I was helping tend the cattle, while peers watched various tv shows.… Continue reading Reflection on Racism and the Black Farmer

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Racism starts at home

Backstory: Yesterday I ranted (on my instagram) after learning that people were partaking in what is called the George Floyd challenge.  People were posting photos of them putting their knee in another person's neck.  It has been announced that various social media outlets are removing the posts and handling the users.   No matter what, the… Continue reading Racism starts at home

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Implicit Bias Within Sustainability

I remember when I started our family's low-waste/plastic-free journey I had to really research to find other folks within social media doing the same thing.  I got creative in what hashtags I utilized just to make sure I was being inclusive  and learning from everyone. Just like other aspects of life, sustainability is portrayed as… Continue reading Implicit Bias Within Sustainability

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Fab Five Friday – Summer Learning Science Style

It's Friday -- WOOT WOOT!!  I can semi-sleep in these next two days...waking up early for swimming lessons has been a difficult task for the girls so I'm sure they will enjoy a break till next week.  And I will enjoy not having to scream for them to wake up 🙂 I'm also glad it… Continue reading Fab Five Friday – Summer Learning Science Style

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Thoughtful Thursday – Send some Sunshine

For the summer we will try to do something for others every Thursday — our way of giving back and making a small difference in the world.  I try to get the girls to do some form of kindness during the holidays and when an opportunity arises…thankfully they got the “giving spirit” gene from their… Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday – Send some Sunshine