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Taking the first of many steps

Is it just me or do all the days just blur together? I mean seriously how is it already September? Last week I submitted my request for the NY state tax certificate, which will allow me to retail items. The request got approved just now have to wait for it to be mailed to me.… Continue reading Taking the first of many steps

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Wednesday Wisdom: Faith It All Works

Today's words of wisdom quote comes from Simple Reminders via my Facebook feed. My life changed back in 2004 when I officially became a single mother.  Being a single mother has changed me in various aspects...but the biggest is how I have enhanced my sense of independence and strengthened my faith. These past couple of days have brought… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom: Faith It All Works

Motivation & Wisdom

Leaping is the Only Way

 We are already at the end of February - the year is going by fast.  More amazing is we are experiencing is this is a leap year.  I felt that I needed to post something about "leaping". Today's image quote can be found at Shane Cradock's blog. Faith is an amazing quality to possess for… Continue reading Leaping is the Only Way

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Let Faith Lead You

It is hard to believe that in two weeks I will have completed my first day of my new job 🙂  I had to work today so I did not get to do much packing for the move BUT I have begun listing items on craigslist to sale.  I felt today's motivational quote needed to relate with… Continue reading Let Faith Lead You

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First Three Days of Quals – Faith and my first steps

I recently read that before you start writing for a major publication do some "fun writing" to get the juices flowing.  Well my qualifying exams began March 3 and between it and some other assignments I will have tons of writing to do for the next four weeks.  I thought what is a good way… Continue reading First Three Days of Quals – Faith and my first steps

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Monday Motivation – Always a Way

It is Labor Day weekend and I really have not had a break 🙂  We did have some veg moments which let us have some family time between errands.  My mission for the week is to stay ahead on my coursework/assignments while tackling research items -- soon I can discuss one of my projects for… Continue reading Monday Motivation – Always a Way