August begins my countdown to the forties

It is hard to believe that August is already here -- naturally it signifies various important dates like first day of school, end of pool season, and most importantly MY BIRTHDAY!!  In June I started thinking how this will be my last 30-something birthday and I will have about a year until I enter the… Continue reading August begins my countdown to the forties


What’s Cooking: Popsicles, Buckle, & Pasta

We have had quite a busy day today -- Back-to-school Backpack rally and a birthday party. Unfortunately, we did not go to the farmer's market since we still have no car as well we had to be at the rally early. The girls had fun at the rally eating snow cones and the bouncy slide..… Continue reading What’s Cooking: Popsicles, Buckle, & Pasta

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Fab Five Fridays

Happy Friday - let's go straight into our Fab Five for the week. 1 - Colt Trolley - as you know we took the trolly on Monday to run errands near the house since we are carless for the moment. 2 - Hammock Chair - Worlds Apart, an eccletic store in the Chevy Chase area of… Continue reading Fab Five Fridays

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Try It – Celebrate Birthday for Entire Month

It is August which is my birthday month!  I woke up this morning realizing that in a couple of  years I will reach that milestone age of "40" so I want to live it up.  So I've decided to celebrate my birthday all month long!  My goal is to try to do something each day… Continue reading Try It – Celebrate Birthday for Entire Month