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Fab Five Friday – Math & Art focused

It is Friday and only a few more days before the girls return to school. To celebrate their completion of summer reading we got tickets to our local minor baseball game...it started raining as we got there so got blessed with this rainbow. BUT the rain would not stay away so we had to leave,… Continue reading Fab Five Friday – Math & Art focused

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Fab Five Fridays

It is Friday and the last day of school for my oldest - YEAH!!  She only has a few week-long camps planned but not till later in the summer so we get to just hang out and do stuff together.  We already have a few crafts planned for the next couple of weeks and I will… Continue reading Fab Five Fridays

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Fab Five

So I'm a day behind - -I will be honest by the time I got home last night I knocked out...Between punch class and shopping with the girls my body said time to rest... So fab five is today and I'll do What's cooking tomorrow...   1 - Nation of Nations - I hung out in the… Continue reading Fab Five

Fab Findings

Fab Five Friday

It's Friday... I didn't really get to leave the house this week for my youngest had the stomach virus -- EWWW.. and then my car got sick so I'm very grateful that I had items from last week to use for my Fab Five... 1- Frog Yoga  - I saw a selection of these doing… Continue reading Fab Five Friday

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Fab 5 Fridays

January 4th Fab Five FridayWith a new year comes a new aspect of the blog, something that relates to my goals for the year.  Over the week I will highlight some of the changes... One of the new weekly posts will focus on the fabulous things I noticed or participated in through the week.  Due… Continue reading Fab 5 Fridays

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Market Goodies & Donuts & Art

Today was a busy day - reading event, market, watch an art mural being done by Herakut, fall/winter shopping, and checked out latino festival.. We checked out the Carnegie Learning Center Early Reader program (FREE) and the girls had fun.. craft, snacks, read the book, and even bring home a copy...The next one is in… Continue reading Market Goodies & Donuts & Art

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Family Fun Event Review: Artful Sundays – Magical Jewels

How can I suggest for families to attend an event if I don't attend them myself?? So I will try to review events/places that I know occur consistently.  We had the pleasure of attending the University of Kentucky Museum Artful Sundays this past weekend and for the most part was a success! The first component… Continue reading Family Fun Event Review: Artful Sundays – Magical Jewels