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Week 4 of 40 Days Low Waste Living

I hope everyone is doing well! Week 4 of my #40dayslowwasteliving challenge is going to refer to our creative capabilities. I personally feel this is beneficial since several folks are staying home. Our creative instincts will delve into DIYs, repurposing items, and even some self care actions. Remember to watch my stories to get the… Continue reading Week 4 of 40 Days Low Waste Living

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Let’s Do A Challenge

I thought I would try something different this year for Lent. Rather that taking away something like sweets, I am going to continue my journey towards a low-waste lifestyle. And I would like you to join me!For the next 40 days we will take on low-waste actions specific to habits/knowledge, kitchen, and even activism. The… Continue reading Let’s Do A Challenge