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Low Waste Cleaning Supplies & Essentials

I've never been a big fan of cleaning BUT I recognize the importance of doing it. So I break up my cleaning into rooms/areas a day that get extra attention. For example, my stove top gets a deep cleaning session just about each week. Breaking tasks into chunks reduces my stress and being stuck doing… Continue reading Low Waste Cleaning Supplies & Essentials

Motivation & Wisdom

I’m officially 45

So I've officially begun my 45th life chapter (as of yesterday). It is mind-blowing yet thrilling to know how many chapters I've completed in my life. I recognize that I've accomplished quite a bit so far...BUT I also know that I have more to do. Today's motivational quote comes from Winnie The Pooh's dear friend… Continue reading I’m officially 45

Motivation & Wisdom

Underestimate Doing Nothing

It's my birth month so all motivational quotes for the month come from my favorite bear - Winnie the Pooh. It is hard to believe that this is my last week of my 44th life chapter. Man this chapter has been an experience - I slowly recovered from the loss of my grandmother to then… Continue reading Underestimate Doing Nothing

Food Waste

Food Waste Spotlight: White Moustache Yogurt

Today's Food Waste Friday is a spotlight on White Mustache Yogurt (Instagram)  I learnt about the company last Fall and appreciated that the whey is utilized rather than tossed. The following are the responses to my food waste questions. Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. A:  The White Moustache tells a story about… Continue reading Food Waste Spotlight: White Moustache Yogurt


Ready to make it an official business

For a bit I have wavered over the initial business structure for the eco-space. Do I start as a sole proprietorship and then transition to a corporation OR do I just automatically file as a limited liability corporation. The major reason for my wavering is the astronomical advertising fees for any of the New York… Continue reading Ready to make it an official business

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Sustainable Products With An Ethnicity Lens

Back in January I wrote a post on how promotion of low-waste (and also plastic-free) swaps isn't universal... A lot of zero-waste/low-waste folks make it seem like everyone can do the same types of swaps but- they're not thinking of how we're not one size fit all human beings. Basic things aren't being considered; such… Continue reading Sustainable Products With An Ethnicity Lens

Motivation & Wisdom

Watch Where You are Going

Today's quote comes from my favorite bear - Winnie The Pooh. I personally consider this quote more wisdom focused versus motivational. Pooh is just reminding us to be mindful about the path's we take. For example, today we walked to my youngest's new school. I knew how to get to the school, but today I… Continue reading Watch Where You are Going

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Making time for self-care

I use to take my self care for granted. I truly didn’t have time for it - single parenting, work, household chores, and for sometime I was also studying. But then I realized I needed some form of self care to maintain my sanity, positivity, and most importantly to remain Maranda. I can tell when… Continue reading Making time for self-care

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Scraps To Houseplants

We are aware of regrowing certain vegetables like carrot tops or scallions. But did you know that some scraps can grow into houseplants? I am currently trying my hand at a pineapple top and sweet potato vine. I decided to start the pineapple in water and it’s getting some roots. Coincidentally, the sweet potato had… Continue reading Scraps To Houseplants

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Bronx Eco-Space Update

Hard to believe it's been a month since I announced my goal of opening an eco-space in the Bronx. I thought I'd share some updates on the progress. Business Plan: I started writing the company business plan and finished the description section which you can read pieces of it on the official Bronx Eco-Space page.I'm… Continue reading Bronx Eco-Space Update