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Explore NYC: Columbus Circle

Just about every weekend we explore a part of the city by checking out both known attractions or hidden gems.  I typically do a little bit of research days before so that I can at least have a game plan.  (Note – I’ve become more of an excursion planner since becoming a mother.)  It seems only… Continue reading Explore NYC: Columbus Circle

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Fab Five Colombian Street Art

It is hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since I was exploring and relaxing in Colombia.  Just about everyday I am reminded of the experience and reflect on how I can't wait to return.  It does not help that my good friend from Colombia is still in Bogota and communicates with… Continue reading Fab Five Colombian Street Art

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More You Travel The More Pages You Read

Well I am back from my trip and just about semi-adjusted back into my normal routine..... Ironically, for a few days I have wanted to speak mainly Spanish and pay in Colombian pesos.  Today's wisdom quote is based on traveling since I am already thinking of my next place to visit. What wise words Saint Augustine… Continue reading More You Travel The More Pages You Read