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Food Waste Prevention: Citrus Fruits

I thought I would try to incorporate a new aspect for our Food Waste Fridays posts -- introducing the food waste prevention series. The series will focus on providing suggestions on how to prevent food waste on a particular food item. Kicking off the series with My household is only fans of 3 citrus fruits… Continue reading Food Waste Prevention: Citrus Fruits

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Easy Eco-Swaps for Home & Personal

The concept of making environmental-focused swaps (eco-swaps) occurs at every stage (level) of someone's sustainable living journey. Contrary to what some portray not every eco-swap requires a lot of money-- there are some swaps that one can perform for free or even low-cost. I thought I'd share a few easy swaps one can make for… Continue reading Easy Eco-Swaps for Home & Personal

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Easy EcoActions Week 2

It is Week 2 of Easy #ecoactions and my focus is home and personal actions. Just to clarify personal will relate to hygiene. The actions will be highlighted in my Instagram stories and blog posts throughout the week. Let me know specific areas you want me to cover in the comments.

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Low Waste Holidays – Decor

For the next couple of weeks I will be providing tips and ideas on having a low-waste holiday season. Decor is one of the key components of December’s holiday celebrations. Holiday decorations can also be one of the key items we waste. The above graphic provides tips on how one can reduce their own holiday… Continue reading Low Waste Holidays – Decor

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The tricky aspect of “Refuse”

The theme for November is the 5R's of Zero Waste. I will focus each week on one of the R's with this week being Refuse. I can honestly state that Refuse is the trickiest of the Rs for aligns with what we bring into our household. Yes there are actual refusal actions we can perform,… Continue reading The tricky aspect of “Refuse”

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Value Your Food

Today's post continues with providing tips on preventing household food waste - with the focus being on how society doesn't value food like past generations did. I personally think the root of our decline is mass production and convenience to just buy food (at least for some). I believe that one will reduce less food… Continue reading Value Your Food

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Food Waste Books+Documentaries

I am a firm believer that knowledge empowers people and guides our actions. The following are suggested books and documentaries specific to food waste. Asterisks are by the ones I’ve read or watched. Books • American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom • Don't Waste Your Food by Deborah Chancellor • Food Foolish by John M. Mandyck… Continue reading Food Waste Books+Documentaries

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Making time for self-care

I use to take my self care for granted. I truly didn’t have time for it - single parenting, work, household chores, and for sometime I was also studying. But then I realized I needed some form of self care to maintain my sanity, positivity, and most importantly to remain Maranda. I can tell when… Continue reading Making time for self-care

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Scraps To Houseplants

We are aware of regrowing certain vegetables like carrot tops or scallions. But did you know that some scraps can grow into houseplants? I am currently trying my hand at a pineapple top and sweet potato vine. I decided to start the pineapple in water and it’s getting some roots. Coincidentally, the sweet potato had… Continue reading Scraps To Houseplants

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Process of making swaps

So you’ve completed your plastic/waste audit and you’ve figured out what potential swaps you need to make….Now what? I have a background in computer science so felt a flowchart would provide a good representation. Based on this, the process of making any sustainable swap isn’t a wham-bam thank ya ma’am approach. Nor is it a… Continue reading Process of making swaps