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Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

It wasn't until recently that I noticed that some of my food waste prevention tactics have aided in our family's plastic packaging reduction. It's a swoop of wins! Take for instance - homemade brown sugar. Brown Sugar is a main staple in my cooking/baking for it is a great alternative to cinnamon, which my youngest… Continue reading Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

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Plastic Privilege

Back in 2019, I wrote an Instagram post on the concept of ZeroWaste Privilege - it was based on a checklist a fellow instagram profile had created.  Welp I just want to remind folks that we also have privileges aligned with our capability to take plastic-free actions. Privilege is defined as - "A special right,… Continue reading Plastic Privilege

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Process of making swaps

So you’ve completed your plastic/waste audit and you’ve figured out what potential swaps you need to make….Now what? I have a background in computer science so felt a flowchart would provide a good representation. Based on this, the process of making any sustainable swap isn’t a wham-bam thank ya ma’am approach. Nor is it a… Continue reading Process of making swaps

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Produce Packaging Gone To Far

Have you ever questioned why a store has plastic wrapped an orange? I am currently reading How To Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum. The author states that the plastic packaging for produce prevents an additional 40% of food waste. I assume the claim is it increases the produce longevity while also protecting it. But… Continue reading Produce Packaging Gone To Far

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Make an On The Go Kit

One of the easiest ways to reduce your out and about plastic and waste usage is to create an on the go kit. There are multiple items that can go in your kit, but you want to ensure you have the essentials. Container to store foodDrinking containerEating utensilsNapkinReusable bag You don’t have to make any… Continue reading Make an On The Go Kit

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The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

In a perfect world, people would easily be able to go into a store and find plastic-free products on the shelf. Even better would be people can get the bare essential plastic-free products at a reasonable price. But we aren't in a perfect world -- most have to go to a speciality/earth-focused retail establishment to… Continue reading The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

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Plastic Free Books+Documentaries

I am a firm believer that knowledge empowers people and guides our actions. The following are suggested books and documentaries specific to plastic pollution. Asterisks are by the ones I’ve read or watched. Books • How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum(*) • Kids Fight Plastic by Martin Dorey • Life Without Plastic by… Continue reading Plastic Free Books+Documentaries

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Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

July is a popular month within the sustainable living realm for its the world known Plastic Free July challenge month, which is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary. Last week I attended an online presentation hosted by Plastic Pollution Coalition that included the founder of Plastic Free July, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. She discussed how there are still… Continue reading Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

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Role of Access in Sustainable Living

I really haven't been able to make any refill option (aka bulk shopping) purchases since COVID-19 impacted us in March. Most refill stores either closed or made drastic changes in response to COVID. BUT that isn't the reason why I haven't been able to get refills for most of my pantry needs - store access… Continue reading Role of Access in Sustainable Living

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Implicit Bias Within Sustainability

I remember when I started our family's low-waste/plastic-free journey I had to really research to find other folks within social media doing the same thing.  I got creative in what hashtags I utilized just to make sure I was being inclusive  and learning from everyone. Just like other aspects of life, sustainability is portrayed as… Continue reading Implicit Bias Within Sustainability