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Before I buy ‘new’….

Have you ever noticed that I really don't talk much about non-food related shopping -- well there's a reason for that. I'm not the type of person that goes shopping just to go shopping -- I like to have a reason to go into a store. NOW let me disclaim that isn't always the case… Continue reading Before I buy ‘new’….

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Low Waste Cleaning Supplies & Essentials

I've never been a big fan of cleaning BUT I recognize the importance of doing it. So I break up my cleaning into rooms/areas a day that get extra attention. For example, my stove top gets a deep cleaning session just about each week. Breaking tasks into chunks reduces my stress and being stuck doing… Continue reading Low Waste Cleaning Supplies & Essentials

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Sustainable Products With An Ethnicity Lens

Back in January I wrote a post on how promotion of low-waste (and also plastic-free) swaps isn't universal... A lot of zero-waste/low-waste folks make it seem like everyone can do the same types of swaps but- they're not thinking of how we're not one size fit all human beings. Basic things aren't being considered; such… Continue reading Sustainable Products With An Ethnicity Lens

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Bronx Eco-Space Update

Hard to believe it's been a month since I announced my goal of opening an eco-space in the Bronx. I thought I'd share some updates on the progress. Business Plan: I started writing the company business plan and finished the description section which you can read pieces of it on the official Bronx Eco-Space page.I'm… Continue reading Bronx Eco-Space Update

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Plastic Free July Ending

Whew we made it - we completed Plastic Free July🤩⁣My focus, for the month, was to provide insight on reducing plastic from individual and community perspectives. I wanted folks to see that this journey involves more than swap focused actions.⁣⁣I also wanted to utilize this month to motivate me to finally achieve one of my… Continue reading Plastic Free July Ending

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Need to Struggle to Progress

It is hard to believe that we are at the last week of July - the month just whizzed by. I just hope it was beneficial for you like it was for me. Today's motivational words come from the great Frederick Douglass. I know many decided to take part in the Plastic Free July challenge… Continue reading Need to Struggle to Progress

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Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

It wasn't until recently that I noticed that some of my food waste prevention tactics have aided in our family's plastic packaging reduction. It's a swoop of wins! Take for instance - homemade brown sugar. Brown Sugar is a main staple in my cooking/baking for it is a great alternative to cinnamon, which my youngest… Continue reading Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

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Plastic Privilege

Back in 2019, I wrote an Instagram post on the concept of ZeroWaste Privilege - it was based on a checklist a fellow instagram profile had created.  Welp I just want to remind folks that we also have privileges aligned with our capability to take plastic-free actions. Privilege is defined as - "A special right,… Continue reading Plastic Privilege

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Process of making swaps

So you’ve completed your plastic/waste audit and you’ve figured out what potential swaps you need to make….Now what? I have a background in computer science so felt a flowchart would provide a good representation. Based on this, the process of making any sustainable swap isn’t a wham-bam thank ya ma’am approach. Nor is it a… Continue reading Process of making swaps

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Produce Packaging Gone To Far

Have you ever questioned why a store has plastic wrapped an orange? I am currently reading How To Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum. The author states that the plastic packaging for produce prevents an additional 40% of food waste. I assume the claim is it increases the produce longevity while also protecting it. But… Continue reading Produce Packaging Gone To Far