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Need to Struggle to Progress

It is hard to believe that we are at the last week of July - the month just whizzed by. I just hope it was beneficial for you like it was for me. Today's motivational words come from the great Frederick Douglass. I know many decided to take part in the Plastic Free July challenge… Continue reading Need to Struggle to Progress

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Part of the solution

It is hard to believe we've completed half of Plastic Free July.  The focus of my Week 3 Instagram Bingo challenge is Community.  Specifically the bingo tasks focus on encouraging people to make plastic-free actions within their community. I felt that our Motivation Monday quote should encourage folks to take action so after some research… Continue reading Part of the solution

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Lead by Example

Today’s motivational quote comes from Paulo Coehlo. These words can be applied to all realms of one’s life. But being we are in the midst of Plastic Free July - I hope the words inspire you to share your own plastic-free journey. It’s amazing how your actions can inspire others (especially when you don’t think… Continue reading Lead by Example

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Only One

It’s Motivation Monday and this month I want to provide words to encourage folks to take action in making a societal difference. Many people are fear making lifestyle changes because they don’t want to be the only one. But the words by Edward Everett Hale reminds us that individual actions still make a difference. If… Continue reading Only One

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Capacity to Change the World

Now more than ever I want to have inspiring words to remind me that I will reach my goal of opening an educational/refill location. So today's motivational words came to mind as I thought about making a difference in our world. Quick google search led me to this wonderful image and inspiring words by Harriet… Continue reading Capacity to Change the World

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Start to Fly

This week's motivational quote is in honor of Pollinator's Week. My favorite 'pollinator' is the butterfly. (Note: I've loved them since I was a little girl and believe it is my spirit animal.) We tend to get complacent and adhere to our daily routine and/or choices. These words are a great reminder that we have… Continue reading Start to Fly

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Do In The Now

Today's motivational quote are the wise words of Audre Lorde. Life is very short. What we have to do must be done in the now. Audre's words speak to me on a personal and societal level. Majority of the global society's is revolting against police brutality and the numerous injustices against Blacks, while still being… Continue reading Do In The Now

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Ocean Motivation

Today is World Ocean's Day (June 8) so I want to provide you a little motivation aligned with that vast beauty of water. You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean or you can see yourself as the ocean. - Oprah Winfrey Such powerful words that makes one question their control -… Continue reading Ocean Motivation

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Monday Motivation: RISE

I woke up this morning with the powerful words of Maya Angelou on my mind and heart.  Particularly the wisdom shared in her poem, Still I Rise, within the 1st and 6th stanza. (Note the featured image was downloaded from a google search that linked to Pinterest) Stanza 1 You may write me down in history With your bitter,… Continue reading Monday Motivation: RISE

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It’s okay to make an error

Today’s quote was seen on Mantra Magazine a few days ago. Many are scared of making mistakes for don’t want to look like a failure. But I have learnt that those failures/errors provide some of the best lessons. What are you wanting to try but haven’t?