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Any Start is a Good Start

Last week's ecoactions provided you some insight on what forms of actions you can make at home. Unlike what might be portrayed -- one can start their sustainability journey at any time and in any way they prefer. The key is that one starts! So my call to action for you this week is to… Continue reading Any Start is a Good Start

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Sustainable Living Part of Our Lives

Motivational quote for the week reminds us that sustainable living doesn’t change who you are — it becomes part of you and your mindset. I feel these words relate to the holiday season. We can still celebrate and give gifts. Just have to be more mindful and interweave in low-waste/plastic-free aspects. How do you feel… Continue reading Sustainable Living Part of Our Lives

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“No such thing as Away”

The theme for November is the 5 Rs of zero waste (sustainability). The focus for this week will be REDUCE. I felt this statement by Greenpeace Executive Director/Founder of Story of Stuff - Annie Leonard - was fitting for the week. Stay tuned for tips/suggestions associated with Reduce!

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Food Waste Reduction Motivation

Today's Monday Motivation is a reminder on how not to waste food. The image was part of World War I propaganda (created in 1917) to remind United States residents to not waste food. Ironically, every action is applicable today. Which action(s) do you intend on performing this week?

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Food Waste Like A Dropped Bag

October’s motivational quotes will focus on encouraging you to reduce food waste. Today’s quote is by Dana Gunners and was retrieved from International Management Institute website. What are your thoughts on this quote?

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Tougher than you think

What a busy and honestly semi-stressful past couple of days I've experienced. My kiddos started remote learning, my campus started online tutoring (I oversee), and normal personal matters. Don't know about you but the above words are something that I consistently need to be reminded. We are definitely stronger (all realms) stronger than what we… Continue reading Tougher than you think

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Knowing Encourages Actions

Today’s motivational quote is just a reminder of why we continue or start performing sustainable and environmental actions.

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Taking the first of many steps

Is it just me or do all the days just blur together? I mean seriously how is it already September? Last week I submitted my request for the NY state tax certificate, which will allow me to retail items. The request got approved just now have to wait for it to be mailed to me.… Continue reading Taking the first of many steps

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Focus on Today

Well well it is the last day of August which means the end of my birth month and last Winnie The Pooh motivational quote. Kinda fitting given our society’s current situation - pandemic+racism at a high+various environmental concerns. Now more than ever I believe in taking everything one day at a time. I am still… Continue reading Focus on Today

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I’m officially 45

So I've officially begun my 45th life chapter (as of yesterday). It is mind-blowing yet thrilling to know how many chapters I've completed in my life. I recognize that I've accomplished quite a bit so far...BUT I also know that I have more to do. Today's motivational quote comes from Winnie The Pooh's dear friend… Continue reading I’m officially 45