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Garden Update

It’s garden day! The community garden got some new veggies/fruits - which will be part of the produce bags we will distribute within the community. I got a mini arm workout by breaking up the dirt in the beds for the Swiss chard and Tuscan melon. I also removed weeds in the peanut bed -… Continue reading Garden Update

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Racism starts at home

Backstory: Yesterday I ranted (on my instagram) after learning that people were partaking in what is called the George Floyd challenge.  People were posting photos of them putting their knee in another person's neck.  It has been announced that various social media outlets are removing the posts and handling the users.   No matter what, the… Continue reading Racism starts at home

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Be About It

Various members of my family would say this phrase - "don't just talk the talk - walk it".  I find myself wanting to utilize the same phrase today.  I've seen tons of folks posting the infamous black box aligned with #blacktuesday. Okay great Anyone can post a black box...but are you doing the needed steps… Continue reading Be About It

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Eco-friendly purchase costs

Do you remember when you made one of your first eco-friendly items?  Being an advocate of using what you got until it runs out, my initial purchases were low-cost items (such as straws or soap).  I then transitioned to common bulk cooking items which aligned with my normal budgeted costs for food.  Finally, I came… Continue reading Eco-friendly purchase costs

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Forget about Produce Cosmetic Standards

I use to be the person that Purchased perfect looking carrots even though they were going to be chopped up for soup Skipped over a pear for it had a small mark Easily tossed a banana for it looked like it had gone bad BUT not anymore! I am now the person that loves finding… Continue reading Forget about Produce Cosmetic Standards

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Consumers Sound the Alarm

Last week Coca-Cola sustainability lead, Bea Perez, basically said that the company wouldn't be leaving plastic bottles for consumers love the lightweight packaging to maintain the drink's bubbles. (So that I don't get reemed for my interpretation here is link to article on the statement).  Additionally, stated they would be making a bigger footprint by… Continue reading Consumers Sound the Alarm

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Earth Focused Goals for 2020

Last week I encouraged people to take time and reflect on their earth focused goals for 2020.  Specifically what do you desire to achieve as your own individual action to make a difference in the climate crisis. The following are my main goals with sub-actions to make it achievable. Continue making swaps to assist in… Continue reading Earth Focused Goals for 2020

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Power to Change Things

Today’s #mondayMotivation is a reminder of the power, which we all possess, to make a difference. Our personal choice to use the power is what categorizes us either as game changer or a follower. I encourage you to take some time and reflect on if there is a part of your life or even community… Continue reading Power to Change Things

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DC Women’s March Part I – Day Recap

Yesterday was an historical day and I'm glad to say that I had a chance to participate in the Women's March on Washington.  Now that my body has rested I've decided to take some time and post my thoughts on the march and my experience. I want to first give thanks for my co-workerd letting… Continue reading DC Women’s March Part I – Day Recap

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Words of Wisdom: BeFull of Thanks & Giving

I hope that all have had a wonderful week so far -- I know that most are in that hustle and bustle preparing for Thanksgiving.  I will admit that I have had my far share of errand (5 stores to get our items) BUT mine included food for my meal, Thanksgiving baskets, and meals for… Continue reading Words of Wisdom: BeFull of Thanks & Giving