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Easy EcoActions for Work/School & On The Go

The focus for the week is taking EcoActions at Work/School and On The Go. So I thought today I would share some easy EcoActions you can do. Work/School On The Go These are naturally suggestions and actions that I perform. Note: some of these can be difficult to perform due to logistics and the pandemic.… Continue reading Easy EcoActions for Work/School & On The Go

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EcoActions Week 3

It is Week 3 of Easy EcoActions and the focus is on actions to perform at work (as well school) and on the go. The actions will be highlighted in my Instagram stories and blog posts throughout the week. Let me know specific areas you want me to cover in the comments.

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EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

I personally think one can't figure out what sustainable actions to incorporate in their life without knowing their present environmental impact. Which is why my first suggested ecoaction is to calculate at least one of your sustainability footprints. Sustainability footprints basically measure your impact on the environment (my definition). The following image highlights some of… Continue reading EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

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Start Off the Year with Easy EcoActions

I hope you have enjoyed your first few days of 2021. Don't know about you, but I typically need to pace myself when it comes to starting off a new year and the actions associated with my proposed new year intentions (or resolutions for some). Besides building up my confidence in achieving the desired intention,… Continue reading Start Off the Year with Easy EcoActions

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Need to Struggle to Progress

It is hard to believe that we are at the last week of July - the month just whizzed by. I just hope it was beneficial for you like it was for me. Today's motivational words come from the great Frederick Douglass. I know many decided to take part in the Plastic Free July challenge… Continue reading Need to Struggle to Progress

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Only One

It’s Motivation Monday and this month I want to provide words to encourage folks to take action in making a societal difference. Many people are fear making lifestyle changes because they don’t want to be the only one. But the words by Edward Everett Hale reminds us that individual actions still make a difference. If… Continue reading Only One

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Capacity to Change the World

Now more than ever I want to have inspiring words to remind me that I will reach my goal of opening an educational/refill location. So today's motivational words came to mind as I thought about making a difference in our world. Quick google search led me to this wonderful image and inspiring words by Harriet… Continue reading Capacity to Change the World

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Garden Update

It’s garden day! The community garden got some new veggies/fruits - which will be part of the produce bags we will distribute within the community. I got a mini arm workout by breaking up the dirt in the beds for the Swiss chard and Tuscan melon. I also removed weeds in the peanut bed -… Continue reading Garden Update

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Racism starts at home

Backstory: Yesterday I ranted (on my instagram) after learning that people were partaking in what is called the George Floyd challenge.  People were posting photos of them putting their knee in another person's neck.  It has been announced that various social media outlets are removing the posts and handling the users.   No matter what, the… Continue reading Racism starts at home

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Be About It

Various members of my family would say this phrase - "don't just talk the talk - walk it".  I find myself wanting to utilize the same phrase today.  I've seen tons of folks posting the infamous black box aligned with #blacktuesday. Okay great Anyone can post a black box...but are you doing the needed steps… Continue reading Be About It