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Sustainable Products With An Ethnicity Lens

Back in January I wrote a post on how promotion of low-waste (and also plastic-free) swaps isn't universal... A lot of zero-waste/low-waste folks make it seem like everyone can do the same types of swaps but- they're not thinking of how we're not one size fit all human beings. Basic things aren't being considered; such… Continue reading Sustainable Products With An Ethnicity Lens

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Influence of location on farmer’s markets

I finally got to visit my traditional farmer's market in Manhattan, after a 4+ month hiatus. I had paused my trips there due to COVID and my hesitancy of riding the subway. Even though I couldn't go to Manhattan, I was able to get veggies and fruit either via delivery or at a farmer's market… Continue reading Influence of location on farmer’s markets

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Plastic Privilege

Back in 2019, I wrote an Instagram post on the concept of ZeroWaste Privilege - it was based on a checklist a fellow instagram profile had created.  Welp I just want to remind folks that we also have privileges aligned with our capability to take plastic-free actions. Privilege is defined as - "A special right,… Continue reading Plastic Privilege

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Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

July is a popular month within the sustainable living realm for its the world known Plastic Free July challenge month, which is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary. Last week I attended an online presentation hosted by Plastic Pollution Coalition that included the founder of Plastic Free July, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. She discussed how there are still… Continue reading Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

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Let’s Talk Food Apartheid

"areas where residents’ access to affordable, healthy food options (especially fresh fruits and vegetables) is restricted or nonexistent due to the absence of grocery stores within convenient travelling distance."Food Empowerment Project Food Desert page Note: more images about this are on my Instagram post I didn't truly understand and recognize food apartheid (aka food desert)… Continue reading Let’s Talk Food Apartheid

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Be About It

Various members of my family would say this phrase - "don't just talk the talk - walk it".  I find myself wanting to utilize the same phrase today.  I've seen tons of folks posting the infamous black box aligned with #blacktuesday. Okay great Anyone can post a black box...but are you doing the needed steps… Continue reading Be About It

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Learn from ALL Perspectives

I try my best to not judge without knowing all the details....but I recently became annoyed after looking at the panelist profiles for an upcoming environmental discussion.  I was annoyed because it visually seemed that all of the panelist were from the same ethnicity. This annoyance happened because this isn't the first time seeing a… Continue reading Learn from ALL Perspectives