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Focus on Today

Well well it is the last day of August which means the end of my birth month and last Winnie The Pooh motivational quote. Kinda fitting given our society’s current situation - pandemic+racism at a high+various environmental concerns. Now more than ever I believe in taking everything one day at a time. I am still… Continue reading Focus on Today

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Making time for self-care

I use to take my self care for granted. I truly didn’t have time for it - single parenting, work, household chores, and for sometime I was also studying. But then I realized I needed some form of self care to maintain my sanity, positivity, and most importantly to remain Maranda. I can tell when… Continue reading Making time for self-care

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Bronx Eco-Space Update

Hard to believe it's been a month since I announced my goal of opening an eco-space in the Bronx. I thought I'd share some updates on the progress. Business Plan: I started writing the company business plan and finished the description section which you can read pieces of it on the official Bronx Eco-Space page.I'm… Continue reading Bronx Eco-Space Update

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Influence of location on farmer’s markets

I finally got to visit my traditional farmer's market in Manhattan, after a 4+ month hiatus. I had paused my trips there due to COVID and my hesitancy of riding the subway. Even though I couldn't go to Manhattan, I was able to get veggies and fruit either via delivery or at a farmer's market… Continue reading Influence of location on farmer’s markets

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Lead by Example

Today’s motivational quote comes from Paulo Coehlo. These words can be applied to all realms of one’s life. But being we are in the midst of Plastic Free July - I hope the words inspire you to share your own plastic-free journey. It’s amazing how your actions can inspire others (especially when you don’t think… Continue reading Lead by Example


Update on Bronx Educational/Refill Location

I’m more observant of the ‘for lease’ signs now that I’ve stated my desire to open an educational/refill location in the Bronx. There are about 4-5 rentable places within a 1 block radius of my apartment building. Clearly, I’m not at the stage of finding the final location spot, BUT it does serve as good… Continue reading Update on Bronx Educational/Refill Location

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Make an On The Go Kit

One of the easiest ways to reduce your out and about plastic and waste usage is to create an on the go kit. There are multiple items that can go in your kit, but you want to ensure you have the essentials. Container to store foodDrinking containerEating utensilsNapkinReusable bag You don’t have to make any… Continue reading Make an On The Go Kit

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The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

In a perfect world, people would easily be able to go into a store and find plastic-free products on the shelf. Even better would be people can get the bare essential plastic-free products at a reasonable price. But we aren't in a perfect world -- most have to go to a speciality/earth-focused retail establishment to… Continue reading The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

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Only One

It’s Motivation Monday and this month I want to provide words to encourage folks to take action in making a societal difference. Many people are fear making lifestyle changes because they don’t want to be the only one. But the words by Edward Everett Hale reminds us that individual actions still make a difference. If… Continue reading Only One

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Plastic Free Books+Documentaries

I am a firm believer that knowledge empowers people and guides our actions. The following are suggested books and documentaries specific to plastic pollution. Asterisks are by the ones I’ve read or watched. Books • How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum(*) • Kids Fight Plastic by Martin Dorey • Life Without Plastic by… Continue reading Plastic Free Books+Documentaries