Update on Bronx Educational/Refill Location

I’m more observant of the ‘for lease’ signs now that I’ve stated my desire to open an educational/refill location in the Bronx. There are about 4-5 rentable places within a 1 block radius of my apartment building. Clearly, I’m not at the stage of finding the final location spot, BUT it does serve as good… Continue reading Update on Bronx Educational/Refill Location

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Make an On The Go Kit

One of the easiest ways to reduce your out and about plastic and waste usage is to create an on the go kit. There are multiple items that can go in your kit, but you want to ensure you have the essentials. Container to store foodDrinking containerEating utensilsNapkinReusable bag You don’t have to make any… Continue reading Make an On The Go Kit

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The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

In a perfect world, people would easily be able to go into a store and find plastic-free products on the shelf. Even better would be people can get the bare essential plastic-free products at a reasonable price. But we aren't in a perfect world -- most have to go to a speciality/earth-focused retail establishment to… Continue reading The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

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Only One

It’s Motivation Monday and this month I want to provide words to encourage folks to take action in making a societal difference. Many people are fear making lifestyle changes because they don’t want to be the only one. But the words by Edward Everett Hale reminds us that individual actions still make a difference. If… Continue reading Only One

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Plastic Free Books+Documentaries

I am a firm believer that knowledge empowers people and guides our actions. The following are suggested books and documentaries specific to plastic pollution. Asterisks are by the ones I’ve read or watched. Books • How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum(*) • Kids Fight Plastic by Martin Dorey • Life Without Plastic by… Continue reading Plastic Free Books+Documentaries

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Garden Update

It’s garden day! The community garden got some new veggies/fruits - which will be part of the produce bags we will distribute within the community. I got a mini arm workout by breaking up the dirt in the beds for the Swiss chard and Tuscan melon. I also removed weeds in the peanut bed -… Continue reading Garden Update

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Reflection on being Black and loving the outdoors

I love being outside and based on my parents I've always been that way. There is just something about being amongst nature that brings me joy and peace. Most of my outdoor fun pre-college was on the farm/family yards, minor camp-related activities for Girl Scouts, and hanging out in local parks. I got into hiking… Continue reading Reflection on being Black and loving the outdoors

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Start to Fly

This week's motivational quote is in honor of Pollinator's Week. My favorite 'pollinator' is the butterfly. (Note: I've loved them since I was a little girl and believe it is my spirit animal.) We tend to get complacent and adhere to our daily routine and/or choices. These words are a great reminder that we have… Continue reading Start to Fly

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Father’s Day Reflection

This year is the first that I spiritually celebrate my grandfather - James T. Vandiver. Nimmy (what I called him) aided in my passion for Mother Earth and formed my definition of work ethic. I miss and will always cherish our random discussions about growing a particular crop or the state of our nation's government.… Continue reading Father’s Day Reflection

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Reflection on Racism as a Black Student

I didn't truly believe I was smart until 4th grade when I was blessed to be part of Mrs. Wainwright's class. Mrs. Wainwright was the first educator to recognize and challenge my educational capabilities (especially math). Mrs. Wainwright was the first educator that truly gave me attention and didn't label me. You see my k-3… Continue reading Reflection on Racism as a Black Student