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Market Goodies for August 11th

It's Saturday which means farmers market time! I'm going to make this a weekly post for Saturdays(while the markets are open). Today I had a mission on what I needed for I had already planned out our meals for the week (upcoming post). half-dozen eggs & variety of cherry tomatoes from Triple J Farm -… Continue reading Market Goodies for August 11th

Cooking, farmers market trips, Finances

What’s Cooking: Twist on Chicken

Tried a new recipe today with chicken being the main component.  As you know I don't eat it BUT my girls do so I try to make them one meal a week with it in there.  I got the idea from the book Eat Cheap but Eat Well  by Charles Mattocks (aka The Poor Chef).  The… Continue reading What’s Cooking: Twist on Chicken

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Family Fun and Market Trip

Today was a doozy of a day and we've been going strong since 7 am. It's Saturday which means we go to the farmers market. This is one part of my budget I can't seem to crack- like today I had taken so much with me but low and behold our favorite fresh ice cream… Continue reading Family Fun and Market Trip

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Yummy in the tummy

Typically when we have fish for dinner I make our sides either rice/veggies or potato/veggies.  To save on buying multiple flavored rice packets I decided to experiment in creating my own cheddar broccoli rice side.  And the girls said it was Yummy in the Tummy!  I have to say it was quite good and made… Continue reading Yummy in the tummy

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Thrifty Cooking and Crafting

As you read in a past post, I'm decorating since this is our "home" for the next couple of years.  I wrapped up the bathroom and then saw a quote about butterflies that I wanted to put in the bathroom BUT wasn't trying to spend a lot of money.  After doing some research I saw… Continue reading Thrifty Cooking and Crafting

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Thrifty Breakfast

  Doesn't it look Yummy? Tried out another recipe from the BHG Kid Favorites Made Healthy - Oven Baked French Toast... Girls loved it.  Prepped italian bread the night before with egg, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and nutmeg marinade.  Then in the morning baked for 30 minutes turning once.  Note in the recipe you are to… Continue reading Thrifty Breakfast

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Thrifty Decor – Bathroom

With a new place comes making the place represent you by decorating. I never really took time and decorated our old place for in my heart I wasn't planning on being there for long and didnt want to make the investment. My program is at least 3 years so want to make our home speak… Continue reading Thrifty Decor – Bathroom

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Money & Meal Modifications

I knew that this new journey in life would impact our family budget especially groceries/meals.   We didn't eat out that often prior to our move but when we did it was based on "kids eat free" restaurants on particular days.. Ironically these past couple of weeks we've eaten out quite a bit since we… Continue reading Money & Meal Modifications