30 Days to Step Up

Second Mercury Retrograde is currently working in my favor. Last week’s COVID isolation/downtime allowed me to get some much needed reflection (and rest) done. I don’t know about you but reflection typically opens the door for me to make beneficial changes. What better way to kickstart my changes than with a good ole 30 day… Continue reading 30 Days to Step Up

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Owe Something To Your Community

In honor of Black History month, will share earth-focused quotes by known Black environmentalists each Monday. Form of thanks and appreciation for ancestors/peers that are making an environmental difference. Today’s quote is by Hattie Carthan whom played a major role in NYC’s, specifically Brooklyn, parks and tree plantings. Share in the comments how these words… Continue reading Owe Something To Your Community

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Easy On The Go EcoActions

Focus for the week is EcoActions one can do on-the-go or when at work/school. I thought I’d highlight some on-the-go ecoactions first since individuals can have more control of their waste when out and about. Quite honestly, I feel the easiest one on the list is bringing your own reusable bag. I personally try to… Continue reading Easy On The Go EcoActions

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3 Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly getting unwanted mail - - mail for the previous owner, credit card options, and random catalogs/magazines I never requested. AKA - dreaded junk mail Did you know an average person gets about 41lbs of junk mail per year. Hmm that’s about 6 gallons of gasoline😧 I did… Continue reading 3 Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

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Updated EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

I personally think one can't figure out what sustainable actions to incorporate in their life without knowing their present environmental impact. Which is why my first suggested ecoaction is to calculate at least one of your sustainability footprints. Sustainability footprints basically measure your impact on the environment (my definition). The following image highlights some of… Continue reading Updated EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

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Beauty of Butterfly

It’s my birth month so the August motivational quotes will relate to aspects about me. Today’s quote is by the beloved Maya Angelou and features a butterfly illustration by @the_little_oak_learning (Instagram). If you didn’t know the butterfly is my favorite creature - I have a butterfly garden lower leg tattoo sleeve. I love the beauty… Continue reading Beauty of Butterfly

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Choosing Planet Over Plastic

Today’s Plastic Free July motivational image was posted on Cove’s Instagram. Cove is focused on designing a water bottle not made of plastic - specifically made of polyhydroxyalkanoate(PHA). We all know how tricky it is to avoid plastics. In my opinion, this graphic is a subtle reminder that when you can put the planet first.… Continue reading Choosing Planet Over Plastic