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Easy Eco-Swaps for Home & Personal

The concept of making environmental-focused swaps (eco-swaps) occurs at every stage (level) of someone's sustainable living journey. Contrary to what some portray not every eco-swap requires a lot of money-- there are some swaps that one can perform for free or even low-cost. I thought I'd share a few easy swaps one can make for… Continue reading Easy Eco-Swaps for Home & Personal

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EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

I personally think one can't figure out what sustainable actions to incorporate in their life without knowing their present environmental impact. Which is why my first suggested ecoaction is to calculate at least one of your sustainability footprints. Sustainability footprints basically measure your impact on the environment (my definition). The following image highlights some of… Continue reading EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint


Our Purchasing Power

Keeping with the concept of low-waste holidays, this weeks posts will focus on holiday gifting. I will provide suggestions on types of gifts, tips on some DIY gifts, and then lead a live discussion on wrapping the gifts. Today’s motivational quote is a reminder that WE can still make a difference when selecting holiday gifts.… Continue reading Our Purchasing Power

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Low Waste Holidays – Decor

For the next couple of weeks I will be providing tips and ideas on having a low-waste holiday season. Decor is one of the key components of December’s holiday celebrations. Holiday decorations can also be one of the key items we waste. The above graphic provides tips on how one can reduce their own holiday… Continue reading Low Waste Holidays – Decor

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Low Waste Thanksgiving

It's somewhat hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost a week away. We won't be doing anything special on Thanksgiving day this year -- we typically don't go anywhere since most of my family is in Kentucky. Thanksgiving celebrations are major contributors to our society's vast amounts of food waste. So I thought I'd provide… Continue reading Low Waste Thanksgiving

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Avoid impulse/convenience buying

I'm presently sharing some household food waste reduction tips on my Instagram profile based on my own food waste reduction journey. Today's tip is focused on the biggest culprit for household food waste - impulse/convenience buying. We all do it - go to the store and just buy food items on a whim OR just… Continue reading Avoid impulse/convenience buying

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Food Waste Books+Documentaries

I am a firm believer that knowledge empowers people and guides our actions. The following are suggested books and documentaries specific to food waste. Asterisks are by the ones I’ve read or watched. Books • American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom • Don't Waste Your Food by Deborah Chancellor • Food Foolish by John M. Mandyck… Continue reading Food Waste Books+Documentaries


Consider another R

This past weekend I participated in a local cleanup of trail along the Bronx River. (Grateful for the organizers Bag The Bronx and Eternile). There was the traditional litter items - snack bags/wrappers, bottles, and eating utensils....BUT then there were random items like outdoor chairs, clothes, and even a shopping cart. A common word stayed… Continue reading Consider another R

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Knowing Encourages Actions

Today’s motivational quote is just a reminder of why we continue or start performing sustainable and environmental actions.

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Before I buy ‘new’….

Have you ever noticed that I really don't talk much about non-food related shopping -- well there's a reason for that. I'm not the type of person that goes shopping just to go shopping -- I like to have a reason to go into a store. NOW let me disclaim that isn't always the case… Continue reading Before I buy ‘new’….