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Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

July is a popular month within the sustainable living realm for its the world known Plastic Free July challenge month, which is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary. Last week I attended an online presentation hosted by Plastic Pollution Coalition that included the founder of Plastic Free July, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. She discussed how there are still… Continue reading Plastic Free Living: Mindfulness > Spending $

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Role of Access in Sustainable Living

I really haven't been able to make any refill option (aka bulk shopping) purchases since COVID-19 impacted us in March. Most refill stores either closed or made drastic changes in response to COVID. BUT that isn't the reason why I haven't been able to get refills for most of my pantry needs - store access… Continue reading Role of Access in Sustainable Living

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Connection between biodiversity and food waste

Today is World Environment Day with this year's theme being "Time for Nature". What a perfect coincidence that it is also Food Waste Friday for biodiversity plays a strong role in the food we eat. Specifically, biodiversity ensures the provision of our nutrition, fertilization components, and work. Taken from the World Environment Day guide -… Continue reading Connection between biodiversity and food waste

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Recycling Away From Home

As you know, we are currently staying in my hometown. I have tried to maintain most of our low waste actions, even though we are in a different location. One of those actions includes recycling which is done differently here. Unlike in the Bronx, we have to take our recyclable items to a drop-off location.… Continue reading Recycling Away From Home

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Week 4 of 40 Days Low Waste Living

I hope everyone is doing well! Week 4 of my #40dayslowwasteliving challenge is going to refer to our creative capabilities. I personally feel this is beneficial since several folks are staying home. Our creative instincts will delve into DIYs, repurposing items, and even some self care actions. Remember to watch my stories to get the… Continue reading Week 4 of 40 Days Low Waste Living

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Wangari Maathai: Do for future generations

It is Women’s History Month so the motivation Monday quotes will come from female environmentalists. One of my reasons for pursuing a low waste and plastic-free lifestyle is so my daughters have an Earth to call home. Maathai's words inspire me to keep taking action.

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Do you know your footprints?

That is do you know your environmental footprints? I calculated my water and ecological footprints earlier this morning. Both provide you an insight on your impact on our environment. They also provide guidance on what low-waste actions one should consider performing to reduce their footprints. You can get your calculations Water footprint calculator Ecological footprint… Continue reading Do you know your footprints?

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Let’s Do A Challenge

I thought I would try something different this year for Lent. Rather that taking away something like sweets, I am going to continue my journey towards a low-waste lifestyle. And I would like you to join me!For the next 40 days we will take on low-waste actions specific to habits/knowledge, kitchen, and even activism. The… Continue reading Let’s Do A Challenge

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Monday Motivation: Kari Fulton’s definition of an environmentalist

Today’s #mondaymotivation comes from Kari Fulton, an environmental justice organizer. Kari is a Policy Fellow with Climate Justice Alliance and founder of Check The Weather.

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Local Food Scrap and Compost Options

Last Saturday I attended a workshop discussing how NYC sanitation recycles food scraps. The panelists focused on the perspective of public collection which is quite different from private organizations. I realized my own knowledge gaps and misconceptions when it came to how our city handles compost and/or food scraps. Which then made me wonder how… Continue reading Local Food Scrap and Compost Options