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Food Ingredients used for Holiday Decorations

Thought I’d put a twist on Food Waste Fridays by sharing common ingredients utilized in homemade holiday decorations. These common ingredients are used to make ornaments, garland, tea light candle scents, and even gift tags. To prevent food waste please compost or reuse what you can.

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Low Waste Holidays – Decor

For the next couple of weeks I will be providing tips and ideas on having a low-waste holiday season. Decor is one of the key components of December’s holiday celebrations. Holiday decorations can also be one of the key items we waste. The above graphic provides tips on how one can reduce their own holiday… Continue reading Low Waste Holidays – Decor

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Fab Five Friday

These next couple of days/weeks are going to be pretty intense so I will try my hardest to post but do not be surprised if I don't 🙂 I can honestly say that I can tell the half-marathon training is helping my run pace BUT it is also putting a hurting on my legs --… Continue reading Fab Five Friday

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Try It Thursday – DIY Laundry Items Storage

Now that I have a little free time I can FINALLY work on some crafts and decorate our place.  The first room is my laundry room.... I know it might sound a little crazy BUT I want to walk into a nice looking room when I am doing my least favorite thing - washing (which… Continue reading Try It Thursday – DIY Laundry Items Storage

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Fab Five Friday

Let's see this week I was busy with assignments and getting spring/summer clothes for the girls... I don't get to buy ahead like I did in the past since our budget is smaller so gratefully the weather didn't start being nice till this week. I also reached over 8 miles in one training session..I can't… Continue reading Fab Five Friday

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Fab Five

So I'm a day behind - -I will be honest by the time I got home last night I knocked out...Between punch class and shopping with the girls my body said time to rest... So fab five is today and I'll do What's cooking tomorrow...   1 - Nation of Nations - I hung out in the… Continue reading Fab Five

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Thursday try it – Children’s art

I finally finished a project I started back in the summer...something to keep the girls' artwork besides my refrigerator 🙂 It was very easy to do so I wanted to provide you the steps for you to try. Materials: Wood Plaque Wood laundry clips (you could easily use plastic ones to save time) Stencils in… Continue reading Thursday try it – Children’s art

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Try It Thursday – Crayon Hearts

We are preparing for Valentine party that we are hosting next weekend with family cousins... So as we are making the favors I felt like making some decorations for the home -- can you believe February is here... I saw this Martha Stewart idea on Pinterest and felt the need to try it since we… Continue reading Try It Thursday – Crayon Hearts

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Fab Five Fridays

It is late Friday but I still wanted to get my post up...We went to a basketball game and I've been running around like a chicken with their head cut off... I'm going to a dance with a friend  tomorrow so I wanted to work on getting accessories for the dress as well try to… Continue reading Fab Five Fridays

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Fab Five Friday

It's Fab Five Friday!  We are on our way to the University of Kentucky Excite night for women gymnastics, so here is the list and I will TRY to update with details when we return home. 1 - Valentine Love Notes I created which you can find on our Etsy site. 2 - Quote on… Continue reading Fab Five Friday