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Natural Dye Logo Shirts

The family needed logo shirts to wear at at EcoBronx weekend markets. So I used vacation to experiment with natural dying. First: Bought secondhand shirts at a local Goodwill ($6 total) Second: boiled purple cabbage with salt for about an hour. While it was boiling gently washed the shirt. Third: I tied one of the… Continue reading Natural Dye Logo Shirts

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Food Ingredients used for Holiday Decorations

Thought I’d put a twist on Food Waste Fridays by sharing common ingredients utilized in homemade holiday decorations. These common ingredients are used to make ornaments, garland, tea light candle scents, and even gift tags. To prevent food waste please compost or reuse what you can.

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Low Waste Holidays – Decor

For the next couple of weeks I will be providing tips and ideas on having a low-waste holiday season. Decor is one of the key components of December’s holiday celebrations. Holiday decorations can also be one of the key items we waste. The above graphic provides tips on how one can reduce their own holiday… Continue reading Low Waste Holidays – Decor

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Week 4 of 40 Days Low Waste Living

I hope everyone is doing well! Week 4 of my #40dayslowwasteliving challenge is going to refer to our creative capabilities. I personally feel this is beneficial since several folks are staying home. Our creative instincts will delve into DIYs, repurposing items, and even some self care actions. Remember to watch my stories to get the… Continue reading Week 4 of 40 Days Low Waste Living

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First NY STEM Institute

The past 2.5 days have been all about STEM education and I loved it!  I had the pleasure of participating in the 2017 NYS STEM Education Collaborative Summer Institute at Alfred State College.  I had a poster highlighting research I had conducted on the Influential Factors of URMs and STEM Degrees. I also got to listen… Continue reading First NY STEM Institute

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Thoughtful Thursday – Send some Sunshine

For the summer we will try to do something for others every Thursday — our way of giving back and making a small difference in the world.  I try to get the girls to do some form of kindness during the holidays and when an opportunity arises…thankfully they got the “giving spirit” gene from their… Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday – Send some Sunshine

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Twist on Christmas Advent Calendars

Can you believe it is already December?? Our family is trying something new this holiday season -- a twist on Christmas Advent calendar.  We have one advent calendar where the girls will split the chocolate (I will see if this works) and we will also have advent cards.  The cards are an assortment of Christmas… Continue reading Twist on Christmas Advent Calendars

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Fab Five Friday

These next couple of days/weeks are going to be pretty intense so I will try my hardest to post but do not be surprised if I don't 🙂 I can honestly say that I can tell the half-marathon training is helping my run pace BUT it is also putting a hurting on my legs --… Continue reading Fab Five Friday

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Back To School Try It – Crayon Pencil Holder

School in Fayette County starts tomorrow! I'm part of the Parent Teacher Association for Big K's school. Myself and the family resource center coordinator had discussed giving the teachers a gift when school started during teacher appreciation week in the spring. After doing research on Pinterest, we finally agreed on making crayon pencil holders. Most… Continue reading Back To School Try It – Crayon Pencil Holder

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Try It – Lava Lamp Experiment

A few weeks ago I came across the Steve Spangler Science site and found this interesting science experiment I could help my oldest daughter perform. The site actually has tons of experiments children can try which are great for the summer to keep their science juices flowing. The Bubbling Lava Lamp experiment is easy and… Continue reading Try It – Lava Lamp Experiment