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Reusing Food Scraps

Gaining a deeper understanding about food waste has enhanced my desire to cook and create non-processed food items. It has also reminded me how much industrialization encouraged our ancestors and society to leave traditional practices. Such as utilizing certain non-eaten produce or animal parts for the base of commonly used cooking or cleaning products. One… Continue reading Reusing Food Scraps

40 days low waste, Earth focused, Low-waste Living

Do you know your footprints?

That is do you know your environmental footprints? I calculated my water and ecological footprints earlier this morning. Both provide you an insight on your impact on our environment. They also provide guidance on what low-waste actions one should consider performing to reduce their footprints. You can get your calculations Water footprint calculator Ecological footprint… Continue reading Do you know your footprints?

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Let’s Do A Challenge

I thought I would try something different this year for Lent. Rather that taking away something like sweets, I am going to continue my journey towards a low-waste lifestyle. And I would like you to join me!For the next 40 days we will take on low-waste actions specific to habits/knowledge, kitchen, and even activism. The… Continue reading Let’s Do A Challenge