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Natural Dye Logo Shirts

The family needed logo shirts to wear at at EcoBronx weekend markets. So I used vacation to experiment with natural dying.

First: Bought secondhand shirts at a local Goodwill ($6 total)

Picture of red cabbage boiling

Second: boiled purple cabbage with salt for about an hour. While it was boiling gently washed the shirt.

Shirt sitting in juice from boiled red cabbage

Third: I tied one of the shirts with knots to get the tie-dyed effect. The wet shirts sat in the red cabbage juice from 2 hours till 24 hours. It all varied on what each of us wanted in color darkness. Quite honestly this was an experiment so wasn’t quite sure what the final color would be.

So lesson learned was in the fourth step: I took the shirts out of juice and fully wrung out the liquid so they could dry. They dried outside overnight. The initial colors were hues of purple…BUT my sister suggested I was before getting the logo iron transferred.

I washed two shirts before the transfer on gentle cycle and the purple turned to a blue. One shirt didn’t get washed for wanted to see if the purple stayed which it didn’t 😢

Final step: My brother-in-law does iron transfers so he made a replica of the business logo for the shirts. And Viola

Now to decide if should make more for retail plus to try with other natural dye options. Share in the comments what you think.

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