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Steps taking to protect the oceans as a small eco-business

Thought I’d conclude World Oceans Week sharing some insight on how my small eco-business (EcoBronx LLC) tries to protect the oceans.

Naturally, the main way is providing our customers primarily plastic-free products. Just as in personal life, there are times that one can’t avoid plastic. For example, one of the dental care products we carry has a plastic cap.

The actual product selection focuses on reducing the business’s plastic-usage by working with makers/businesses practice sustainable shipping and packaging methods. Most of the time potential makers/businesses go through a mini-screening process which entails research of their product ingredients and environmental values. If needed will ask specific questions to aide in our selection like if the maker/business is open to a packaging modification (i.e, retail without a wrapper/sleeve).

Our refill station helps prevent the traditional plastic containers potentially making their way to landfills and waterways. It’s only been in existence for 2 months but can tell people appreciate the ability to reuse their own containers. They know besides saving money they are also saving our planet. The purchase and conversion of a vehicle into a mobile shop will enhance our container prevention for can offer more refillable products and reach more local residents.

Did you know we assist local residents in properly disposing hard-to recycle items? It’s actually more of transitioning the items into a beneficial reuse. Currently, collecting plastic bags to be upcycled into neat shopping bags; gently used/non-worn bras to be given a second-life with a new owner; and empty prescription bottles are given a second-life by a non-profit for medical use.

Lastly, the business protects the oceans by sharing educational/informative posts/workshops and current news/bills focused on the waterways.

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